Retold in simple verse by

BombadillTom of the Shire, and Saranna of Imladris
Illuminations and decorative devices by Janowyn of Imladris

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he other two hobbits were made to run
With no second breakfast - not much fun!
Terrible orcses lashing whips
Jeering if they made any slips,
Merry’s head ached fit to burst
Pippin very nearly cursed!
But a bright idea came into his head
~ I can leave a clue, he said
And made a dash from the orcses band
His Lorien brooch clasped in his hand
And before the nasties hauled him back
He’d left that jewel by the track.
A horrid blow was his reward
For dropping the clue upon the sward
But the stupid orcs didn’t realise
The hobbit had hidden from their eyes
A sign for those who followed on
To help them trace where the two had gone.

On and on they had to run,
Till long before the day was done
They fell like stones upon the ground.
The orcses seized them by their bound
Wrists and carried them like sacks
Upon their horrible smelly backs.
Our heroes are in a dreadful plight -
What will happen - we’ll see come night!

ot idly do the leaves of Lorien fall!
Come friends we still have a long haul.
Running hard like a galloping horse,
Over ragged ground, a trying course,
Entering Rohan from the western plain,
But the Uruk Hai were hard to gain,
~ What do your keen eyes see Legolas?
~ One hundred riders galloping over grass
With golden hair and spears and shield,
They come this way shall we yield?

Bold stood the three as Rohan came
Right on their side, eyes aflame
Circled by riders still they stood
Determined to serve only good.
~ Well, little dwarf,
young Eomer cried
You sure look titchy by my side
And you’ve been through the forest gold,
Ruled by a witch as I’ve been told.

Bristling beard and waving axe
Gimli is right on the attack
But Aragorn and Legolas calm the scene
Telling Eomer they have been
All on the same side in the fight,
Against the Dark Lord, for the light.
~ But tell us have you seen our friends?
Can this be where their story ends?


hen came upon the orcs with lightning speed,
The men of Rohan on galloping steeds,
To rid their land of Saruman’s slaves,
And stack them on a burning grave
Eomer the loyal to Theoden king,
Never saw the two halflings.
Cutting their bonds into Fangorn they went,
Where they met Treebeard, lord of the Ents,
~ Well little orcs what brings you in here?
~ We’re not orcs, but Hobbits from the Shire,
~ Hobbits! Well I’ve never heard of those,
To the White wizard let’s see if he knows.

earching the embers of the funeral pyre,
Aragorn looks and his feeling is dire,
Gimli holds an elven belt he has found,
As Aragorn sees signs on the ground,
~ A hobbit lay here and another one too -
Crawling away he left us a clue,
Bonds have been cut so their legs were free,
They ran this way into the trees,
Into Fangorn - what drove them there?
The will to be free is one of despair.

he three friends ’neath an old tree sat
Saw an old man in a shadowing hat.
~ Saruman! Hissed Gimli bold,
But soon he’d vanished in the dark night cold.
Next day they climbed a little hill
Seeking those lost hobbits still,
And there! Again, among the trees
Approaching them with silent ease
An old man, he was dressed in grey -
But no! A white robe bright as day!
Sword and axe and bow were drawn
To bring an end to Saruman
Until the wizard bared his head -
Oh Valar! Gandalf there instead!
Gimli fell upon his knees
Sword and arrow flew up through the trees,
The great one had returned from death
Hope returning to their quest.

~I come to you at the turning tide,
For war is upon us to Rohan we ride.
~But what of the hobbits? We can’t leave them here.
~They’re with the ents now have no fear,
For their coming has woken a might,
The ents in anger is not a welcoming sight,
Come my friends we must go with speed,

Gandalf whistles, calling a galloping steed,
That races to the call of his master
Shadowfax, horse lord, none is faster.

hey came to the gates of the Golden hall
Where Wormtongue the sneak was making the call,
The gates are opened, the great hall they enter,
Theoden King enthroned at the centre,
Old and draggled he can hardly stand,
As he holds a stick in a withering hand,
~ War is upon us you cannot wait,
~ Stormcrow, horse thief, you I hate!
~ You have been feed lies by this cunning snake,

For Wormtongue is Saruman’s spy make no mistake.
Begone from him now! Gandalf raises his staff,
~I told you to forbid it, Wormtongue screams at last.
The Wizard’s words make Theoden shake
As his body is freed and now awake.

So Wormtongue flees to his master false
And Theoden the King comes forth
Standing upright, unafraid
Gladdening the hearts of man and maid.
~Let the host gather now, he cries,
The battle-light shall fill our eyes,
We shall be true to oaths of old
For honour weighs far more than gold.

~My Lord, I too would ride with thee.
~Eowyn - is it you I see?
No. No. Good niece, at home you’ll stay
To lead the folk while I am away.


irst to Helm’s Deep the host rides forth
Where deeds shall be done of mighty worth.

~ On the fifth day at dawn look towards the east,
I must seek aid to fight the on coming beast,
Your strength is now needed, now they will see your worth,
For the sword that was broken returns to Middle Earth.
Upon the battlements of men take their stand,
Farmers, bakers, boys and stable hands.
Under banners of a white horse on emerald green,
The rain pours as Theoden stands strong and keen.

The Uruk Hai are many, ten thousand and more
But the deep has never been breached before.
A horn is blown on a western breeze,
By the Dunedain, a sight to please.
~ Be true to your kinsman and your king,
Take aim with your bow and tighten the string
Raise your sword and shield
Sons of Eorl will never yield!

Stones crush the fortified wall
As arrows fill the sky at Aragorn’s call.
A troll carries a barrel of flame
And throws it into a gully drain,
Thunder blocks out all other sound,
For a weakness in the stone is found,
Aragorn leads them into the breach,
He is alone now out of reach.

hrough that dark night the battle raged
Dwarf, elf, human, young and aged
Fighting against an endless host
Till dawn draws near- can all be lost?
No, for Theoden King rides forth
And Aragorn for Gondor leaps to horse.
They drive the orcs back against all hope
Tumbling down the rain-soaked slope -
But what! - a forest where none stood!
Is it the work of evil or good?
The orcs are feared to enter there
But all at once to their despair
Rides Erkenbrand into the fray
And the White Rider leads the way.
Wailing they flee into the woods
But none returns - their geese are cooked!

Like an avalanche they crash their ranks,
As the Uruk Hai were trampled their spirits sank.
Gandalf comes down with a flame so bright,
That they disperse and run full of fright,
The battle is won! Now time to regroup,
And march to Isengard with a chosen troop.

ow don’t be hasty for that is daft,
Sit you down now and drink this draught,
Made by the ents it will give you vigour,
It may even make you grow a lot bigger.
~ We must be moving there’s a war out there,
It seems to me that you just don’t care!
~ We Ents take our time to decide what to do,
Let us walk to the south get a view.
Many friends once stood on these hills,
Now Saruman’s orcs have felled and killed,
Rock and stone will be up rooted now,
For we Ents will do damage to this I vow!
Boulders flew and walls were rammed,
They even burst open the river's dam.

p ride the Kings to Isengard
Expecting that the gate will be barred
But at the entrance what they see
Are two tallish hobbits making free
With stores of food and ale and baccy
- the last one makes our Gimli happy!
~ Where have you been you pesky pair?
We have run after you here and there
And now you sit as calm as calm
While we’ve been caught in battles warm!

~ Oh there were battles hereby, too
Sit down and eat, we’ll tell to you
Of how the brave Ents fought and won
And Saruman’s time is truly done.

The Three sit down beside their friends
And rest awhile - but it’s not the end.

obbits you are always eating,

Is what Gandalf said at their meeting.
~ Well the salt pork is really good,
And Treebeard awaits you by the door he is stood.

Aragorn, Theoden, meet Fangorn the old,
Treebeard he is of whom many tales told,
~ Rock and stone we can rip and tear,

But there’s a wizard to deal with up there.
~ Yes I know and now he must be called,
He has strayed from the path of wisdom, the fool.
Come Saruman for we wish to speak!
~ So now it is counsel that you seek,
You and that Ranger from a race forlorn,
And that horse king who can’t even blow a horn!
You who send others to their peril,
Into the wastelands of Mordor’s hell.
~ Be silent! Your words hold no power,
For your time is ended - come down from the tower.
~ Go away and leave us or you’ll all be dead,

Wormtongue shouted as he tossed a ball at Gandalf’s head.

~ It’s not for hobbits Gandalf cries
And covers it before their eyes
The Palantir of ancient fame
Is far too dangerous a game
And from the tower a shout is heard
As Saruman cries, ~You silly nerd
You witless Wormtongue, why oh why
Was it the Palantir you let fly?

Now off they ride, the noble host
Leaving the ents at their guard-post
For though at Helm’s Deep they have won
The war is still but just begun.

ippin stirred as he tried but could not sleep
For the sight of the globe was etched in his mind deep,
Unable to stop the growing urge,
Wrapped in his cloak he made a surge,
Crawling like a snake seeking prey,
He edged his bulk Gandalf’s way,
With a robber’s touch he lifted the ball,
And replaced it with a stone - the fool.
Moving away to a place of seclusion,
He looked into the globe and saw a world of confusion,
Shocked he cried and collapsed with fear,
He was lucky that Gandalf was near.

~ Wake up! Peregrin! Gandalf cried
And searched to see if Pippin lied
But the hobbit’s solid head
Had fended off the Dark Lord dread.
~ You’ll ride with me now, fast as light
And gallop on all through the night
While Theoden and Aragorn
Must summon all the Host to form
A battle-army strong and bold
To ride to Gondor as foretold
In promises and solemn oaths
Such as the Lord of evil loathes.

So Shadowfax flies beneath the stars
With Pippin hid in Gandalf’s arms.


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Retold in simple verse by

BombadillTom of the Shire, and Saranna of Imladris
Illuminations and decorative devices by Janowyn of Imladris








limbing the waste land of the Emyn Muil,
The terrain was hard, bitter and cruel.
~ A right pickle we’re in and no mistake,
Here Master, some lembas to keep you awake.
Can you smell that awful stench?
It has a fishy stink like a rotten tench,
We are going in circles - will we ever reach our goal?

And Gollum’s following us I know.
They take turns to sleep and keep a watchful eye,
For Gollum is crafty cunning and sly,
~ We wants it, they took it in gurgling tones,
As he slithers down in slime on the hillside stones.
But they were alert to his gnawing need,
And wrestled and tied him with an elven lead.

~ Take it off us, it hurts it does, nasty string!
~ And what promise will you make to the Ring?
For I know your mind is treacherous.

~ I swears I does, I swears upon the Precious!
~ There is no promise you make that I can trust,
And if you try anything here’s Sting - feel her thrust.
~ We will serve the Master of the Precious we will!
~ You have been to Mordor do you know the way still?
~ Yes I have been, nasty place, don’t go that way!
~ Listen to Master- to the Black Gate I say.

old in the wind and damp in the toes
The hobbits through the marshes go
Fear in the skies above them flies
And Gollum slobbers before their eyes.
Frodo is weary, Sam full of doubt
He just can’t make old Gollum out
But what to do? They have to go on
In regions far from light and song.
He watches Gollum day and night
Tries to keep his Master bright
And nearer through the dim grey sky
The mountains of Mordor looming high.


e has gone again which is becoming a habit
~ I goes to get food I does look here are two rabbits!

Nice and tender they’re lovely raw,
As he breaks one in half and starts to gnaw.
~ Leave them alone you’re making us sick,
Now a fire we need go bring us some sticks.
~ Why do Hobbits want fire give Gollum a clue,
~ ‘Cos a brace of coneys is right for a stew!

Frodo slept when the stew was gone
And Gollum had vanished down along
When Sam saw the fire’s smoke arise
And muttered, ~ Gamgee, use your eyes
If you can see it, enemies will!
But too late - all around the hill
The rangers of Ithilen
Had gathered - tall bold fighting men.
The Hobbits stood there with their swords
But ended up prisoners of the Lord,
Brave Faramir of the Tower of Guard
But Gollum had slipped away to hide.


hen came the thundering of mighty feet
And the rangers mustered, went to meet
The mighty Mumakil from the south -
Sam’s heart was fluttering up to his mouth
When at his feet a soldier fell
And in sadness the Hobbit bade him farewell.

Faramir binds them and covers their heads,
Over watery stones they are carefully led
As they climb higher water cools the air
As they walk up an ever rising stair.
Their heads are uncovered, they are told to rest,
For they now look out from the window of the west.
~ Who do you spy for what are you doing here?
~ I am Frodo, a hobbit, I come from the Shire,
And this is Sam my servant true,
We are on a quest what do you intend to do?
~ There is another that sneaks with you.
~ We are alone it’s just us two,
We set off from Rivendell in a company of nine,
An Elf, a Dwarf, two Men, two kin of mine.

Frodo sees Faramir is stern
Yet filled with honour that brightly burns.
Still he seeks to hide the quest -
So near the Black Land that seems best.
Poor sleepy Sam is a different thing
Out of his mouth falls the wrong word - Ring!
Faramir stands tall and dread
~ Oh Master - what have I gone and said?
But the blood of the Faithful still runs true
And Faramir knows what to do.
~I will aid you on your way
And may you live for many a day.


rodo wakes in the deep of night
And Faramir shows him a sight
He’d hoped to never see again
Gollum fishing under the moon.
~ No, slay him not, I beg, he says
For along with us his future lies.

Poor Gollum throws away his fish
For this is not what he would wish
But he’s a prisoner till the dawn
When he must lead the hobbits on
Toward the haunted valley dread
With evil in his treacherous head.

ome now Hobbitses no time to spare,
~ We have a hard climb up the forgotten stair.
~ And where will it take us what’s at the top?
~ Just keep moving, there are orcses, no time to stop!
~ We need to rest and eat for the master is weak,
And I don’t trust you you’re up to something you sneak.

At the top a smell fills the air all around,
As a tunnel formed in the mountain is found.

Into the tunnel’s noisome night
The hobbits pass trembling with fright
Clasping each the other’s hand
Wondering if they’ve strength to stand.
Gollum has vanished soft away
And left them all alone to stray.
They pass an opening malice-filled
And stagger past it, fainting, ill
Then worse - a dragging sound behind
And shining eyes that pierce their minds.
No help to run, for she leaps fast
But courage comes along at last
To Frodo, hobbit of the shire
Who raises up the star-glass higher
And speaks the name Galadriel
To fright the beast from darkest hell.

Running free beyond the cave
Our Frodo hopes that they are saved
But up the dreadful monster springs
And flattens him, and then she stings.
Then Samwise shows his courage true
Fury shows him what to do.
Beneath the spider’s hideous shape
He holds up Sting - she won’t escape
For she is wounded deep and sore;
But Samwise looks at her no more.
Beside his Master poor Sam kneels,
~ Oh Frodo, Frodo, me dear, me dear!
Now Valar help me - he is dead,
And I must take the Ring instead.


ff she wobbles deep in pain she sulks
As a stenching pus seeps from her bulk.
Bound by webs of stringy silk,
Frodo lies still, as white as milk.
~ I must go on to fulfil the quest,
To take the ring to do my best,
~ Look you louts, Shelob’s been busy,
He’s not dead but when he wakes he will be dizzy,
Up to the tower with him he’ll wish he were dead.

~ Sam you fool you should have used your head!
Up they hurl him and drag him through the dirt,
And fight over his mithril shirt,
Forward Sam flies with Sting in hand,
And killing those who in his way stand.


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