Retold in simple verse by

BombadillTom of the Shire, and Saranna of Imladris
Illuminations and decorative devices by Janowyn of Imladris

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e have now crossed onto Gondor’s borders,
Where Denethor rules and tries to keep order,
So watch your words and do not speak
For he will question you and think you are weak.
He sees much but has not the power to manage,
I fear he already has done some damage.
~ Denethor your city is on the verge of attack!
~ Tell of this broken horn and why Boromir won’t be back?
~ He died saving me and my kin.
And many arrows pierced his skin,
I give you my service and my oath
It may seem a little but I give both.

~ Denethor, seek aid and light the Beacons,
For an army approaches with just one reason,
To rid middle Earth of the race of men!
~ I decide, Mithrandir, what we do and when.


Iwill seek the paths of the dead,
Alone for I know not the road ahead.
~ We have come too far to say farewell,
We will follow you even to hell.

Into the gorge there horses bolt
As a ghostly mist brings them to a halt.
~ Isildur’s heir, Aragorn I be,
Now fulfil your oaths and be free,
For the King of Men reclaims his Throne
For I am Elessar The Lord Elfstone,
Now follow me for we go to war,
To the Corsairs for ships and oars.

he Nazgul Lord is at the gate
Gandalf stands up to him - But wait!
Here Pippin runs in a dreadful state.
~ Faramir, Denethor - their fate
Will end in flames unless you hurry!

So up the winding streets they scurry
Coming in time for Faramir
But Denethor slays himself in fear.
Upon the Pelennor battle roars
And Theoden dies beneath his horse.
Eomer King’s hope is a blossom frail
As he sees approaching the Corsair sail -
But lo, the White Tree shining bright
And Aragorn comes to swell the fight.

heoden’s steed becomes his bane,
By the Witch King of Angmar both are slain,
He dismounts to gloat on the spoil,
But stopped in his tracks by Dernhelm the loyal;
~ Begone from him or I will do you some harm!
But the Nazgul breaks his arm;
~ By no man will I ever be killed
But the cast-off helm a woman revealed.
~ Eowyn maiden of Rohan I be
And so I am No Man, you see!

With all her might she struck that blow,
As Merry pierced his ankle below,
But killing such power is no easy claim,
Both are left on the Pelennor writhing in pain.

n the horizon looking towards the sea,
Galleys galore with another army!
Hearts sink as they come in view,
But then banners are seen - can it be True?
Seven stars, a crown and a blazing white Tree,
The King Elessar comes with the dead army,
They overthrow Sauron’s might.

But now all thoughts are cast on Frodo’s plight.
Time we must give him and draw the eye this way,
An army will march to the Black Gate with no delay.

Prince Imrahil with his quick eye
Saves Eowyn ~ Well use your eyes,
This gallant woman is not dead!

While kneeling at her side, he said.
But one poor hobbit’s overlooked
And staggers forward - his goose is cooked!
But as he faints within the town
He’s found by Pippin walking down
To seek his brave heroic friend
And so for him it’s not the end.

he captains of the West set forth
With thousands of infantry and horse
Eastward they march to Mordor’s wall
Raise up the statue’s head that fell
And turn to the North, to the Black Gate
In hopes of sealing Sauron’s fate.
Lo - some turn back, the fear is deep
But Aragorn tells them, Do not weep,
There are brave deeds for you to do
And we must seize Cair Andros too.

The Black Gate opens a rider sets out
On a jet black beast with a fiery snout,
~ Set down your arms! - to the King of the west,
Begone from here if you know what’s best,
For these trinkets we seized from your spy,
Now we have him and soon he will die,

~ Be silent! Aragorn sternly said,
And riding forward, filled him with dread.
For Sam and Frodo and the Free,
~ Come now my friends to war with me!

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Retold in simple verse by

BombadillTom of the Shire, and Saranna of Imladris
Illuminations and decorative devices by Janowyn of Imladris








ith Starglass and bright sword in hand
Samwise holds off the orcish band
For some have slain their fellows here
And some have fled the tower in fear
And some are sure that little Sam
Is a great elven fighting man!
But Frodo - where is he to be found?

Sam climbs up high above the ground
From floor to floor without a sight
And darkness clouds his eyes like night.
He rests upon the highest stair
And sings while he is sitting there
Of sunlight high above the shade
And starlight on the ocean laid
When up above he hears a sound -
’Tis Frodo - Master, you are found!

~ Master, Sam is here take it steady,
For we must depart as soon as you’re ready.
~ Sam they have it they taken the ring!
~ Oh no they haven’t it’s in my keeping.
~ Give it back Sam, it’s mine, trusted to me!

As he put forth his hand with urgency.
~ Take it Mr Frodo but we must go from here,
Wait a while you need to wear this gear,
Orcs’ attire is all I could get,
We must be going, we’re not safe yet.

rrayed as Orcish soldiers now
Frodo and Sam sneak from the tower
And straight away are nearly seized
By fell claws of the Nazgul steed.
They stumble on along the way
Further into the dreadful day
That stretches over Mordor’s plain
And fear they’ll not see home again.
Already weary half to death
They long to rest and catch their breath
But flung into a band of orcs
They have to run a weary course.

~I see it ever, day and night
Nothing can hide the wheel of light.
Oh Sam, I cannot travel on
All hope of victory is gone,
I’m sorry I have led you here
Where death will take us both, I fear.
~ Master, be bold, your Sam will bear
You up the mountain’s dreadful stair,
For poor old Gandalf says to me
Don’t you leave him, Sam - you see,
I’ll never go and let you fall
Until we reach the end of all.

am buckles with his master’s weight,
As Gollum attacks with malice and hate,
Strength comes to Sam from a source unknown,
And he wrestled with Gollum, who in a chasm was thrown,
Frodo struggled up the sloping peak,
But the going was tough, he was getting weak,
Courage of his race he drew from within,

And the fate of Middle Earth was now with him.

The Sammath Naur! Frodo stands small
As shadows flare upon the wall
And far below the rocks that melt
Blaze forth their flames - and he has felt
Temptation’s pull - he takes the Ring -
I do not choose to do this thing!

Sam begged Frodo to throw in the ring,
But the power was too great to do such a thing,
On his finger the ring was cast
And the eye was on him very fast,
All Sauron’s thought now bent that way,
As Gollum surfaced to grab his prey,
He sprang onto an invisible space,
And struggled and wrestled about the place,
A yell of pain louder than the molten lake
Frodo had lost the ring a costly mistake!
Gollum now had his Precious back,
Dancing for joy he then fell off the track,
Ring and Gollum fell into the lava
And both perished forever and ever,
The Earth cracked and chasms appeared,
As Sauron’s minions scattered in fear,
For the power that held them was now undone,
Frodo had triumphed, the war was won.
The Eagles are coming! As Gwaihir came
And Nazgul perished in the flames,
The eruption of the fall of Mount Doom -
Two hobbits they see and down they zoom.

weet sunlight wakes them, song of birds
Dearer than any they have heard
And before all the western host,
The Ringbearers stand - Sam’s thrilled the most
When forth the Minstrel stands, and sings
Of Nine-Fingered Frodo and Sam who brings
Him safe to the fearful journey’s end -
Did ever hero have such a friend?
~ Praise the halflings with great praise!
Men greeted them as the gathering gazed
Beneath an archway of silver-leaved trees,
Knights in silver black mail bowed on one knee,
Onto green pastures along the rivers shore,
Many ships were gathered in the harbour moored
Red rosy cheeks both their faces aglow
They saw the banners in a soft breeze blow,
A great horse running over the throne on the right
On the left a swan ship in blue and silver so bright.
In the centre a great standard was cast,
A white tree a crown with seven stars on a mast,
A kingly man rose and they could now see,
It was Strider the ranger they first met at Bree.
~ Praise them the halflings saviours of this land!

ow Eomer was king of his fathers land,
And granted Faramir Eowyn’s hand,
So that Rohan and Gondor were joined for good.
And all knew that Fangorn was Treebeard’s wood,
After many days of merriment the Hobbits’ desire,
Was to be on their way back home to the shire.
~ I know what calls you but not long now,
For soon I shall fulfil a vow.

And now she comes, the Evenstar
With noble elf-lords from the far
Valley of Imladris the fair
For long she has been nurtured there.
She takes Elessar by the hand
And healing comes to that weary land
The Peredhel unite again
Spring blossoms, like a gentle rain
And hope renewed is fair and sweet
As King and Queen ascend their seats.

Spare thought for Elrond, noble Lord
Whose daughter dear, with his accord
Has made the choice of Luthien
So never shall they meet again!
Long in the hills they linger still
Talking of all that has befell
But their sad parting still must come
For so is laid the Valar’s doom.

he Hobbits depart, the fellowship ends,
Gimli and Legolas are now good friends.
Gandalf with the halflings takes the road for Bree,
Then goes to see Bombadil and fair Goldberry.
Onward the Hobbits head for the Shire,
And when they get there they see fences and fire.
~ They have ripped up the row and old mill is gone!
~ Well let’s find out what’s going on!

Ruffians and chiefs now give the orders;
~ We’ll see about that now we’re back in our borders.
They discard their cloaks and armour is revealed
Pippin and Merry go forth with sword and shield,
They carve their way and set Hobbiton free,
As the Ruffians run scared - in all directions they flee.

he years pass and things are set to rights,
But Frodo still dreams and has restless nights,
For being impaled by a Morgul blade,
Leaves the victim in pain that never fades.
One evening with the stars shining so bright
Were heard fair voices; then they came in sight,
Elves singing as they rode along,
There came Galadriel singing a song
Followed by Elrond and Gandalf close by,
And Bilbo also, a tear in his eye,
~ It is time Frodo will you now come?
I must leave you Sam my faithful chum.

Narya the great glows a blazing red,
As the great sun in the sky overhead.
The days have ended for the power of the Rings,
‘Tis the time of man and the Return of the King,
The sails billow as a wind gathers in
Sam stands crying as the voyage begins.
The Vessel glides with the grace of a swan,
And in the moonlight mist is soon lost and gone.                    
Merry and Pippin come to ride with Sam
Back to the quiet of their little land.
At Bag End he kisses his daughter’s head;
~ Well, dear Rosie, I’m back, he said.


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